Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello from Asia!

Hi everyone! So it has been quite some time since anything has been posted here but travels have been going well and I have some great photos and experiences to share!

Landed first in beautiful and of course familiar Malaysia (KLIA)! Greener than ever, I was thankful to finally be with my parents after such a long time apart! I was also thankful to be in close reach of the irreplaceable local Malay food! Within hours of arriving home, we headed for a wonderful restaurant in the Bangsar Village area called Chawan for some great local delights. It wasnt long till I was delighted with the fresh aromas of Malaysian food and spices, greatly pleasing my eager senses. Id been craving these feelings for a long long time!

Nasi Lemak! yummm!

Later in the week, after adjusting and adapting to the country change, it was time I gave my body a little TLC and treat. As a Christmas gift, my mother gave RJ and I the "Ok" to enjoy Hammam Baths and the exotic treatments they have to offer. We went for the classic Hammam and Gommage with the extra Henna for a smooth, hydrated complexion. If you have no idea about what Im going on about, its basically an intense bath, mud, scrub, rinse, hydrate process that originated in Morocco for royalty (they say it was a favorite of Cleopatra herself :P). My skin was unbelievably smooth, radiant and glowing after the experience and we were able to relax in the lounge like chairs, sip tea and savor a sweet baklava treat. I definitely recommend this to everyone (both men and women), its an experience well worth it and effective! Go to www.hammambaths.com to find out more information on prices and the services they offer!

Upcoming in the agenda: a trip to the comfortable and fun Riders Lodge nestled in the jungle of Sedenak, Johor, New Years in Phi Phi Island Thailand, exciting singapore, more of KL and lots of exciting experiences to come!! :)