Monday, September 27, 2010

Shoot Tonight

Hey everyone,

So Im super excited for tonight because I got the job as the Lead Female in Travie McCoy's new video "Need you"!! Click here for you tube video! Im so excited to shoot it that the idea of shooting from 7pm to probably 3 or 4 in the morning doesn't sound too horrible. Wish me luck!! :)

Also I just wanted to make sure that all of my readers who are in california- Yes there's a heat-wave this week! Temps in the 100 are expected! SO please everyone stay hydrated!! SPF up!! and make sure if you have pets they're hydrated and have shade!

The pro about this weather- we finally have summer sunshine! :)

So here's a fun drink recipe I like to cool down with on a day like this! :)

Watermelon chill (this recipe will serve about 6 drinks)

5 pounds/about 1/2 medium size watermelon
16 ounces lemonade (try homemade lemonade or buy some good quality lemonade at the store- its a heat wave after all!! lol)
If your over 21 or legal to drink- you could totally pour in your favorite alcohol like vodka or tequila. However keep it a mocktail to stay healthier and lighter!

Working in batches of cut up watermelon, puree the chunks in a blender until  its a liquid juice texture. Strain through a sieve if your not a pulp person. You should at this point have about 4 cups of pretty pinkish red juice!
Combine the juice with the lemonade in a pitcher.
Pour into tall glass filled with crushed ice and add a watermelon wedge for decor (and a pretty finish) and voila! Stay cool with this healthy, yummy chiller!


  1. Tried the watermelon refreshing and your food!

  2. I can't wait to see the videoooo :) :)

  3. its such a delicious drink! Thanks Liyana! Its out now did you see it?