Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Favorite Fitness Gifts to Give!

Today I've compiled my selection of my favorites gifts for the holiday season! There's something for everyone in this list at every price! Click on the links to get one for yourself to give our simply enjoy on your own! :)

The Fitness Gal:
  a) Fitness tone ball!! These bouncy balls are great for home workouts or even any workout at the park, beach, hotel room, etc! The places are endless! This is a great idea for a fitness girl especially if going to a gym or fitness facility isn't convenient. These balls are great for core workouts, balance training and yoga/pilates series! Personally, I always incorporate this piece of equipment into my workouts! Best thing too is it isn't expensive at all!

Here's a wonderful, reliable and good priced ball: Tone Fitness 65cm Anti-burst Stability Ball

  b) Yogi Gifts! Yoga and pilates themed gifts are great options for the women in your life! Listed below are some of my favorite place to get yoga and pilates gifts for myself and others! :)

  • Splits59 Apparel- its comfortable, great to workout in (no matter what type of workout), and it looks awesome so you can go from work to workout without changing! 
  • Wai Lana Yogi Bars- Delicious so good for you bars that have an awesome zen vibe to them!
  • Toe Soxs- NOT JUST ORDINARY TOE SOX these are awareness toesox which is always so so so much better! These socks are perfect for pilates as they have little rubber dots on the soles of the socks making foot work and reformer work more effective and less slipy slidey! 

For both Men and Women
Hot Body Pilates DVD! Buy this Pilates based workout on DVD by Hot body pilates and you'll get to workout with head instructor Kloey Hanson as she shows you how to get that Hot Body! RJ and I tried out the DVD and we're not only hooked on it, but sore and sweaty every time we do this revolutionary, one of a kind workout! Get it here on amazon or go to the Hot Body Website! 

The Fitness Guy:

  a) Water-proof Headphones! These "mi sport" headphones are almost too good to be true! They're super hi-tech, waterproof headphones that resist sweat and you can even swim in them! Click on the link to see these amazing headphones!

  b) Vapur water! This is a new concept of drinking bottle. Its no so much a bottle, more like a flat bag/pouch! It stores way more convenient and you're helping the environment! They come in all different sizes and the brand even is helping the UNICEF tap project! Sounds like a good deal to me! Click on the link to see this new concept!

c) Leather Jump Rope! A take anywhere you go, anytime workout equipment that is not only one of the best cardio exercises to do but also can be done anywhere! There's several types out there even ones with weights in the handles! Try walmart, target or any sports store and you'll find a variety at all sorts of prices! Click on the link to go to Everlast's leather weighted jump rope!

For the Equestrian Athlete:
The classic GPA
  a) The GPA Helmet! My own choice for a helmet, this gift says to your equestrian athlete "I care about you safety". One of the safest, most reliable and best looking helmet- the GPA is sold in every tack shop and online store for a reason!  Its a great gift for the equestrian athlete in your life! My favorite design is the titanium but the speed air is a great one too!  Here is a link to where it's sold in San diego, CA----> Mary's Tack
The Titanium

The GPA Speed Air
b) Equestrian Themed Gifts! Back in the Saddle is a great website for finding the cutest gifts for equestrians! Check it out here!

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  1. I hope I get one of those GPA hats for Christmas,please Santa...thanks for the tip Ellesse.