Monday, August 8, 2011

3 Week Mark!

After 3 weeks of eating clean, weight training with Joe L of Next Level Personal Trainer, motivation from Christy and Tina of Skinny fat fitness, cardio, yoga and surf/sup activities here are the slight changes

Some things Ive noticed- I actually struggle reaching my required caloric intake. Its kinda nice to think "I have to eat this egg salad!" rather than "I cant eat that". Ive also noticed some slight weight gain but I feel like this is muscle weight!

I do notice though the increase in ab definition (yay we're getting there). More shape to my body and is that a little bit of a butt?? I think so!! haha I wont get my hopes up but thought Id show you followers. Also this is the time where a lot of women and I feel like quitting. Why might you feel that? Well its because of that slight weight increase you will feel like going back to the starving calories but dont! Make sure you push through and stick with your program! It takes time a dedication! Just keep visualizing your transformed body!


  1. Wow, I wanna look like that!

  2. We are 110% behind you, soldier on...

    Fan of Skinny Fits

  3. Definitely can see the difference..your hard work is paying off. It is skinny fit'n sensuous!

  4. You look great Ellesse!! I can't wait to set up a workout schedule and get your help!!

  5. Ok one thing to say dayum!! such change..Lol. Oh and i am a guy if anyone have the wrong ideas about me :)

  6. Hi Ellesse. We just came back from Rider Lodge :). It is a beautiful place and we are sure you are missing it. I am wondering how come you thought that gaining wait was a god thing. I agree with look healthier. Can you share with us what you do?